Graffitti convinced pressure on PA ‘is working’, leaves campsite outside regulator's driveway

The NGO, which had been occupying the Planning Authority’s driveway with tents, is currently cleaning its campsite, convinced its action has had an effect

Moviment Graffitti had been camped outside the Planning Authority since Friday
Moviment Graffitti had been camped outside the Planning Authority since Friday

Activists from Moviment Graffitti, who have since Friday been camping outside the Planning Authority in protest against the regulator’s green-lighting of fuel stations, are now cleaning their campsite, convinces their action has had an effect.

In a statement on Monday afternoon, the NGO said that Assedju PA was coming to an end this evening, with activists currently clearing the campsite, convinced that the pressure on the authorities to revise the damaging Fuel Service Station Policy is indeed working. 

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“These five days of direct action have been a truly encouraging experience for us since we have seen so many people expressing, in different ways, their outrage at the PA’s failure to change the fuel stations policy and at the authorities’ approach to our environment more generally,” Graffitti said.

“Whilst the revision of this policy is long overdue, we are also satisfied that public pressure has forced the authorities to give a deadline – this month - for the publication of the revised policy.”

The NGO said it would be closely watching developments in this regard, and was today also launching a “pompi timer” - - an online timer counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds from the Environment Minister’s promise on the 25 January 2018 to change the policy.

“Should the authorities fail to publish the revised policy this month, or if the revised policy still allows ODZ fuel stations, Moviment Graffitti is ready to carry out further direct actions,” the NGO highlighted.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the many gestures of support that we have received during the past five days. We have been inundated with messages of support, people have enthusiastically participated in the several social events held at the camp, and individuals and organisations have spontaneously given us continuous practical help along these days,” it added.

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