WBRU rejects accusations levelled by CABS over monitoring of hunting season

The Wild Birds Regulation Unit has denied CABS’s accusations of 'taking credit for their efforts against illegal bird trapping

According to WBRU, the number of live birds seized stands at over 30
According to WBRU, the number of live birds seized stands at over 30

The Wild Birds Regulation Unit has denied accusations by the conservationist Campaign Against Bird Slaughter of “taking credit” for their efforts against illegal bird trapping.

On Monday, CABS issued a statement accusing WBRU head Sergei Golovkin of taking credit for CABS’s efforts in order to “whitewash the total failure of his authority to control illegal bird trapping in spring.”

The eNGO made reference to communication Golovkin made to the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL), where he rejected the scale of illegal bird trapping reported by CABS.

CABS had argued that the seizures and apprehensions listed by the WBRU were the result of reports that CABS had made to the police. “If you remove the cases reported by our teams from the list the government stands there empty-handed”, CABS press officer Axel Hirschfeld said.

WBRU rebutted the claims by admonishing CABS for “reacting angrily in a condescending manner” and accused the eNGO of seeking to tarnish the credibility of Maltese authorities. One of its paramount objectives was to ensure the eradication of illegal killing and trading in wild birds, it added.

“Whilst reports made by CABS and other NGOs facilitate enforcement, and are positively acknowledged in this context, it is unfortunate and unjustifiable that CABS take umbrage at the Maltese authorities for simply doing their work,” WBRU’s statement read.

“It appears that each time Malta is reported internationally in the context of the positive work being done, CABS would react angrily in a condescending manner and attempt to tarnish credibility of Maltese authorities with misleading statements, as though preferring to see Malta being unjustly portrayed in a negative light.”

WBRU added that enforcement operations against illegal trapping continued with WBRU carrying out further monitoring operations, which resulted in two illegal trapping sites being located and dismantled on 26 March.

Two suspects were also apprehended and are facing charges, WBRU said.

According to WBRU, the total number of illegal sites dismantled over the past two weeks stands at 25, while the number of live birds seized stands at over 30, and the number of persons facing criminal action stands at five.

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