Government fined for unauthorised tree uprooting in Ta' Qali concert venue works

The environment authority has fined the government for uprooting trees at Ta' Qali before a permit to do so was granted

The Ta' Qali Concert Venue
The Ta' Qali Concert Venue

The Environment and Resource Authority has fined the government €100,000 for uprooting trees without authorisation in Ta' Qali where the Infrastructure Ministry is building a concert venue.

The authority said on Friday that a permit to uproot trees was sought when work had already started on the site, which forms part of a much larger project to increase public open space at Ta' Qali.

The Planning Authority had approved the construction of an open-air concert and recreational space in Ta’ Qali instead of a former concrete plant. 

The venue is set to include a performance stage, shops for refreshments and music bands’ merchandise, a clinic and water reservoirs. 

ERA granted an environmental permit for the remaining works subject to a bank guarantee of €174,000 and on condition that 675 trees are planted as compensation.