St Julian’s Wied Ghomor earmarked for massive 24-storey hotel

St Julian’s Wied Ghomor, an open space protected under local plan policies, is the target of a new hotel development

A massive 24-storey hotel overlooking Wied Ghomor is being proposed by the Mikiel Anton Vassalli bridge, further uphill from the St Julian’s school in the road leading down to Spinola Bay.

The new hotel is being proposed inside development zones in an undeveloped plot of just over 3,000 square metres, surrounded by existing roads and enjoying views of the protected valley.

The area is presently zoned as a public open space by the North Harbour local plan, a policy aimed at protecting remaining open public spaces and prevent their development to other uses.

The development is being proposed by Tum Invest, founded in 2015 following a division from the Tumas Group of companies.

The new company had retained the automotive, property and healthcare arms of the business. The company declared fully owning the site in question.

The outline application proposed the construction of a hotel with related amenities and to establish its building envelope. Plans foresee three levels of basement parking for parking and 24 overlying floors.

Valley views are becoming increasingly attractive for prospective hotel developers. Only last year the Planning Authority approved a five-storey high hotel with 23 rooms was approved on land previously occupied by a 60 sq.m garage, located outside the building zone in St Julian’s on the valley side between the Tigullio complex and the Mikiel Anton Vassalli bridge. Another guesthouse, proposed instead of two ODZ villas approved instead of the ruins of an old farmhouse in 2017, is currently awaiting a permit in the immediate vicinity of the bridge.

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