Enjoying an al fresco feast at this eatery in St Julian’s

When it comes to eating, doesn't food taste a little better outside, in a place where the vibe resonates and the setting inspires?

It’s Tuesday and it’s already been a tumultuous, stressful week. There’s nothing I desire more right now than finding that perfect spot, where I can de-stress, unwind and forget about all my responsibilities.

Just in case you’re reading this review thinking ‘Oh I can definitely relate,’ sit tight. I have found the ideal place.

In the heart of Malta’s most buzzing town is a ‘restolounge’ called Broadside Terrace. Though you may not previously have associated the St. Julians area with serenity and stunning views, I personally guarantee you that Broadside will change your mind.

In addition to the views, the eatery also offers brilliant food and so-magnificent-you-will-order-two-more cocktails. Also, due to my extreme laziness, one of the very many things that tend to irritate me when going out to eat is the lack of parking. Broadside wins yet another point as they offer three hours free parking, thus eliminating any and all excuses you may have had not to pay them a visit.

Intrigued? Allow me to proceed.

My guests and I arrived at Broadside, had our temperatures checked and were pleasantly surprised to see all tables and couches at a safe and somewhat, comforting distance.

On the way to our table, we spotted the fully stocked open-air kitchen, featuring an authentic woodchip grill. I cannot express my excitement as I fumbled to find the menu and make some important decisions.

Soon enough, it was decision time. Advised by the waiting staff, we ordered a couple (okay, okay, four) of cocktails, ranging from a Capri, with Belvedere vodka and Galliano vanilla liqueur, to a Hapo, with tequila and Midori melon liqueur. Before you raise your eyebrow in judgment, you should also know that we ordered a virgin Mojito, too, just to balance things out a bit.


Free with the mains, come a selection of Mediterranean meze, including chili oil and warm, freshly baked tandoori bread. Nothing quite compares to listening to nothing but melodic, chilled tunes, the sea crashing against the coast, sipping a cocktail and digging into a couple of cool dips.

Selection of Mediterranean meze
Selection of Mediterranean meze

We weren’t done yet, however! Three cocktails in and our mains arrived. Prime beef rib eye steak, marinated in garlic, grilled meager fish fillet and grilled sea bass, served with a marjoram oil marinade. Cooked to absolute perfection, we indulged, we laughed, we boogied to the music and we, all at once, forgot that we were supposed to be ‘working’.

Broadside Terrace has a unique and charming way of making you forget everything and anything that ever stressed you out in your entire life. It also has a way of destroying any semblance of self-control you thought you had, exhibited clearly by us ordering another round of their signature cocktails and a lemon tart with a forest berry compote.

If you enjoy drinks masterfully created by a team of mixologists, stunning views of the sea and surrounding bays, brilliant food, the most relaxed of vibes, look no further.

Broadside Terrace 

Corinthia Hotel St. George's Bay, St Julian’s

Tel: +356 23700000