Rare Egyptian Vulture arrives in Malta
Hunters condemn shooting of protected birds as pictures emerge of shot Spoonbill
Did PN leader’s car-free example double his carbon footprint?
Hunters: propaganda on birds we kill ‘causes unnecessary suffering to birds’
Three shot protected birds received in one day
Protected Hoopoe found shot near Fawwara
Honey Buzzards shot as hunters warn against abuse
Updated | Commission to take Malta to EU court over refusal to end bird trapping
[WATCH] Draft policy aimed at curtailing encroachment abuse
Environment minister lauds celebration of sustainable living by The Bubble
[WATCH] National earthquake simulation exercise in Gozo
Enemalta, Shanghai Electric set up renewable energy joint venture
Environment Commissioner urges government to reconsider draft environment laws
Movers and shakers: Trying to understand earthquakes
Malta hosts EU maritime simulation exercises on oil pollution
How important is resource efficiency?
[WATCH] Politicians, religious leaders mark ‘World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation’
Updated | Autumn hunting starts tomorrow • Hunting organisations 'won't tolerate abuses'
[WATCH] Kestrel chicks hatch in Malta for the first time in four years
Gozo hotel would gobble up 530 sq. metres of ODZ land
Letiz the turtle released after four years in rehab
New law would allow development applications on someone else’s land
Updated | Legal amendments 'to empower' Ornis Committee, parliamentary secretariat says
Genetic study aims to reduce inbreeding amongst Maltese hunting dogs
Revised university plans fall short of avoiding environmental destruction – Graffiti
[WATCH] Mellieha farmers fear fireworks ‘time-bomb’
‘Weakness of MEPA demerger bills aggravated by weak SPED’
Health projects planning system exemption ‘contravenes EU law’

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