'Renewal of glyphosate licence major farming setback,' Friends of the Earth Malta say
Global CO2 emissions rise for the first time in four years
New Zealand's winter shorter by 30 days, study finds
EU deadlock on controversial Glyphosate weed-killer licence renewal
Toxic gas levels in air minimal following Sant’Antnin recycling plant fire
Ministers refused Majjistral compromise and steamrolled extended hunting hours
Can social media launch the revolution against our national dependence on cars?
Illegal ivory seizures hit record high last year, according to report
World’s deepest lake undergoing crisis due to pollution and poaching
New beach cleaning operations procedures issued by the ERA
Take cover! Malta’s sustainability guardian is championing ‘marvellous building boom’
Benna’s new milk carton screw cap has fired up the online debate on plastics
Refusing seat on committee, opposition lays down rules for waste management plan
[WATCH] BirdLife urge Muscat to act as illegally-shot bird falls in school grounds
Pope emphasises need to care for oceans in message to Malta conference
'You know on which door to knock,' water activist tells dismayed official
[WATCH] Prince Charles urges transition to a circular economy: 'I really do wonder if ocean’s fragility is yet truly grasped'
Pyrotechnic debris still littering Gelmus hill in Gozo
From fossil fuels to electric: when will Malta make the switch?
Wied Qirda 'scar' being removed by Planning Authority in direct action operation
Environment and Resources Authority objects to ‘obliteration’ of Villa Rosa valley bed
CABS operation unveils 10 cases of illegal bird trapping
Plastic Planet vows to show how reckless abandon of plastic products is harming environment
Clean up of Maltese seas hauls over 140kg of plastic
Electric future awaits Malta’s mega fuel stations
[WATCH] €150 million plant to be opened by 2023: location still unknown
Israeli specialists to advise on water treatment plan - Mizzi
Controversial Maghtab mega fuel station back on agenda after appeals decision

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