Works have placed Tokk trees in ‘serious jeopardy’ – FAA
CABS reports widespread illegal night trapping, use of illegal bird callers
Mayor demands action on Polidano’s illegal dumping of Marsa ash
‘Government committed to planting new trees’ – Joe Mizzi
Government to call for refund scheme on plastic bottle collection
Commission assessing next step over finch trapping infringement
‘Spring hunting referendum not in conflict with EU’
Spotted a sparrow? Tell BirdLife!
Rodent Society warns of invasive squirrels at Malta Freeport
School children attend food waste reduction workshop
PN submits proposals for draft climate action law
20% increase in bluefin tuna quota risks collapsing fish stocks - NGO
Massive bird trapping sites operating within Natura 2000 sites
BirdLife welcomes global decision to phase out all lead-based ammunition Malta
WWF says bluefin tuna quota increase ‘too much too soon’
Updated | Environmentalists file injunction over uprooting of trees in Gozo
Green NGO against proposed change to planning control applications
Baby dolphin rescued in Qawra
Proposed construction of hotels at Zonqor coastline ‘violates law, shows lack of vision’
Malta gets its first Commissioner for Animal Welfare
Din l-Art Helwa launch ‘Save the Countryside’ campaign
October weather warmer, wetter than climate average
MEPA removes tons of scrap material from agricultural fields
Two turtles released into Gnejna Bay
Msida local council joins GreenPak recycling scheme
Din l-Art Helwa presidents call on Muscat to consider his legacy
BirdLife re-opens its nature reserves for the winter season
High number of Scopoli’s Shearwaters stranded on land

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