Drone technology used to help farmers identify land in need of more water
Adrian Delia: Development should serve a purpose
Valley rehabilitation committee collects 70 cubic metres of waste in its first days
Free water no solution to water scarcity problems – hydrologist
Ten cruise ships which regularly visit Malta are among worst environmental offenders
Motorsport lobby hits back at Church racetrack criticism
Lija needs a Pollution consultant, says Cycling Group
Palumbo exported grit before Planning Authority issued enforcement against shipyard
[WATCH] Ornis Committee yet to meet despite hunting season starts in three days
No responsibilities yet for Sant’Antnin fires
Large cloud formations over north of Malta bring promise of stray showers
Malta’s average temperature increased 1°C in 70 years... and experts warn of more frequent heatwaves
Floods affect 16 million in Nepal, India and Bangladesh
Perseid meteors over Malta give stargazers a night to remember
5,500 tell Malta MPs they want Public Domain protection for 24 sites
120 million litres of water saved from leaks after WSC public awareness campaign
Hottest day in July was almost 39 degrees, but still lower than 1988’s record
Paris climate goals threatened by Norway's push for Arctic oil and gas – study
Keeping track of Malta’s development boom? Tips on the new PA website
Torri l-Abjad to undergo three-year restoration project
Planning Commission green lights ‘upgrading’ of Wied il-Ghasel
The power of perseverance | Claire Bonello
Intensive clean-up operation under way at Freeport following oil spill
Water monitoring project to lead to sustainable use of marine resources
MTA, Lands shut down defiant Ta’ Fra Ben kiosk over illegally-placed deckchairs
After Armier, authorities target illegally-placed deckchairs from Ta’ Fra Ben
Private land falling under proposed public domain sites will retain title
‘Free’ water to businesses totals 212 million bottles of water

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