Citizens could be compensated for suing public domain law-breakers
Earth’s sixth mass extinction event under way, scientists warn
June temperatures hit 36.4°C
[WATCH] Waste collectors assigned to three main beaches
How Labour revved up Planning Authority permits before election
Activists urge public to object to Kalanka development
Hunters ‘urged to stay calm’ over public domain legislation
[WATCH] Major maintenance works to begin at picturesque Ghar Lapsi bay
Tunnel connecting proposed hotel to Kalanka bay could undermine cliff stability
Sea slime sightings ‘linked to natural phenomena, not fish farms’
Sun shines in May as average air, sea temperatures rise by a degree Celsius
Authorities ‘failed’ to request relevant studies before approving tuna cages relocation
PA grants temporary permit for Comino fish farm relocation
On World Environment Day, BirdLife Malta calls for an environmentally-conscious government
As trump mulls leaving Paris climate deal, China and EU discuss alliance
Fish farms meet deadline to relocate offshore
Bahrija landowners eyeing ODZ mega-project
Delimara chimney set for demolition this summer
[WATCH] Election Chat • Environment on the backburner?
Climate change targets derailed by more cars and air-conditioning units
New Water treatment facility to reduce dependency on ground water
[WATCH] Sant'Antnin plant fire: drone footage reveals extent of damage
Muscat insists ‘crazy’ ODZ boundaries must be redrawn
Dismantling of 1984 Marsa boiler chimney underway
Updated | Busuttil’s pro-hunting stance proves he will do anything for votes, AD claims
AD pledges to uphold citizens' interests, not big business’
Closing down Sant’Antnin, ‘requires new waste management system, culture change’
Decommissioning of Birzebbugia fuel tanks starts today

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