Studies still ongoing for relocation of tuna pens
Agreement reached with seven quarry owners for dumping of construction waste
Students' report proposes controversial changes to environmental law
Sant insists fishing data undermining traditional Maltese fishermen
[WATCH] In Europe, waste crimes top list of crimes against environment
Activists want Manoel Island contract investigated
Developers insist 2006 rationalisation plans must be ‘honoured’
Small-scale fisheries to benefit from streamlined funding scheme under MedFish4ever declaration
Wild Bird Regulation Unit accused of taking credit for CABS’s work
Zabbar agritourism breached local plan but still got permit
400-year-old San Anton Palace reservoir to be restored
Disposal of construction waste: minister to move legal notice to curtail illegal dumping
[WATCH] Trapper caught red-handed threatens hiking group in Gozo
[WATCH] Malta to be reported to EU for 'de facto tolerance' of illegal trapping
Construction waste: government to seek measures against illegal dumping
‘I am not against hunting,’ environment minister insists
Nature claims Gozo’s iconic Azure Window, lost forever after total collapse
[WATCH] Reworked Paceville masterplan will not be published before elections
Developers claim shortage of modern fuel stations in bid for new Luqa pump
ERA to earmark €1.6 million in public funds for marine environmental monitoring project
Agritourism with 675m2 of new buildings proposed in Zebbiegh
Slope stability impacted by Barts’ Gozo med school
Repeated sewage overflow in Gozo leaves divers fuming
Malta generated 269,316 tonnes of municipal waste in 2015
CABS: Galdes should tell trappers to ‘look for another hobby’
Front Harsien calls for restrictive rural development guidelines
Only 10% of hunters report kills as catch figures plummet
BirdLife Europe: ‘Malta making a mockery of Birds Directive derogation’

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