Slope stability impacted by Barts’ Gozo med school
Repeated sewage overflow in Gozo leaves divers fuming
Malta generated 269,316 tonnes of municipal waste in 2015
CABS: Galdes should tell trappers to ‘look for another hobby’
Front Harsien calls for restrictive rural development guidelines
Only 10% of hunters report kills as catch figures plummet
BirdLife Europe: ‘Malta making a mockery of Birds Directive derogation’
650 whales stranded on New Zealand coast
[ANALYSIS] PN green proposals: the firm, the vague and the unmentioned
José Herrera dodges question on hunting during meeting with MEPs
eNGOs welcome PN’s green pledges
PN would convince AUM to save Zonqor site - Busuttil
Higher rate of discarded vehicles leads to hazardous waste generation
New swan spotted in St Thomas Bay, wing injured - BirdLife Malta
Questions raised over ninth tuna net off St Paul’s islands
Maltreated animals discovered at illegally built factory extension
[WATCH] Laboratory Wharf pipeline leaks marine diesel
Wasteserv and ERA to develop landfill management policy in €14 million EU project
Major oil spill spreads across Grand Harbour
Architects slates Planning Authority’s ‘unacceptable piecemeal reviews’
Planning Authority to partner regional agencies in €2 million maritime spatial project
Get your scarves and beanies ready: hail storms and snow pellets expected before weekend
Predicting the weather for 2017: sun in January but rain in July?
In 2017 | With Trump towering, nations start the climate fight-back (hopefully)
Environment Resources Authority calls for refusal of Ta’ Cenc development
The environment in 2016 | Is the government getting cold feet on high-rise?
Hunters want general public banned from Mizieb woodland
Engineer files judicial protest against ERA over LNG tanker permit

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