Front Harsien ODZ: government failed environmental and governance tests

Government's gift to Sadeen approved through terrible governance, Front Harsien ODZ says

Government has gifted Jordanian construction company ODZ land at huge environmental and democratic cost, Front Harsien ODZ said today.

Reacting to the parliamentary vote in which 33 Labour MPs approved the sale of ODZ land of ecological value in the public domain to Jordanian construction company Sadeen, the Front described the marathon 15-hour parliamentary session as “surreal.”

Front Harsien ODZ, which in June mobilised Malta biggest ever environmental protest, said the vote raised even more doubts about the development, which is characterised by terrible governance.

“Government did its utmost to have a rushed process. Government has put the cart before the horse by selling land to Sadeen before his project has been approved both in terms of planning and in terms of educational accreditation.”

To make matters worse, the Front added, “it now transpired that Sadeen has not even applied for University status and that his development will also include seaview guestrooms, entertainment facilities, clinic, restaurants, project-related outlets and berthing rights.”

It insisted that government has ignored the environment parliamentary committee, which was discussing alternatives to Zonqor as proposed by MEPA.

“Government ignored its own SPED policy which refers to ODZ as last resort. Government has ignored civil society through its bulldozing style.”

Front Harsien ODZ added that it cannot consider the 33 MPs who voted for this shameful approval as credible in terms of environmental protection. 

The Front also ensured the public that it will keep up its activism to defend Malta from ODZ development.

“We thank the MPs, political parties, NGOs, the media and members of the public who have stood up to be counted against the sale of Zonqor.”