First recorded sighting of Levant Sparrowhawk in Malta
ERA objects to energy substation for illegal Gnejna boathouses
Turtle eggs hatch in Golden Bay
‘Enough is enough’: Birdlife call for immediate suspension of hunting season
Despite illegalities, Malta’s hunters remain ‘best disciplined’ in EU, FKNK insists
Hunting: CABS film another buzzard gunned down, 50 illegal bird callers found
Superintendence asks for changes to plans for grand Sliema building
Marsaxlokk hotel could impact on Maghluq wetlands, ERA warns
Front Ħarsien ODZ criticises developer’s ‘threatening’ tone
Townsquare boss defends high-rise: we could have built 26 blocks if we wanted
[WATCH] FAA calls for environmental and social justice in open letter to the government
Madliena fields set for vast residential construction
Raptor Camp 2016 kicks off
Buck passed to Ornis Committee as more illegal killings are recorded
[PHOTOS] Crowned Crane seeks getaway from San Anton Gardens
As increased traffic looms, experts form think-tank to meet challenge
Summer has ended, the weather says so... photos of Sunday’s lightning flashes
Updated | Swimmer says hunters shot down at him to kill Honey Buzzard
MIDI threatens Gzira mayor, councillors with legal action ahead of Manoel Island clean-up
[WATCH] 30-minute documentary shines spotlight on Filfla
Planning Board rejects proposed shooting range in Siggiewi
Updated | ‘Government can no longer turn a blind eye’ as more protected birds are killed
Update 3 | ‘Ornis committee’s prerogative to propose suspension of hunting season’ – Galdes
Updated | Environment Authority to appeal Townsquare high-rise decision
ERA members split over appeal against high-rise decision
Updated | Fish farms reject PL claims extra costs behind refusal to relocate offshore
[WATCH] Common Kestrels released after weeks of rehabilitation
Planning Authority grants permit for Naxxar parish church restoration

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