Raw chocolate mousse blocks

Fancy something sweet, but don't want the extra calories? Try some of Mark Morales' healthy raw chocolate mousse blocks, made with natural ingredients, no refined sugar or preservatives. All the flavour with none of the guilt. 

Everybody loves chocolate, and research is showing that a small quantity of the stuff is actually good for you. However, the chocolate bars available at most supermarkets are packed with added sugars, preservatives and stabilisers taking away any of the health benefits raw chocolate may contain. Why not try making your own using natural ingredients and no added sugar for a healthy treat!



Raw chocolate mousse blocks


  • 100g cacao butter
  • 60g coconut oil
  • 15 dates
  • Handful of raisins
  • 1 tbsp bee pollen 
  • 100g chocolate powder
  • Pinch of stevia powder
  • 3 tbsp ground almond
  • 10 sliced cashew nuts
  • 6 tbsp coconut cream


  1. Melt the cacao butter and coconut oil.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl one by one, mixing well every time.
  3. Sift the chocolate powder to avoid lumps. 
  4. Place in a silicone tray so you can easily take it out after it becomes firm. 
  5. Allow to set at room temperature for 1 hour or 20 mins in the fridge.  

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