[READ] Gourmet Today October edition online

The October edition of Gourmet Today is now available to read online. 

Summer’s officially over and though we still get to go to beach on some days, for most of us bikini season is over until next spring. This is a great season for the committed foodie as the lower temperatures mean we can get back into the kitchen and turning on the oven once again a possibility.

There is nothing like that first Sunday roast. Delicious, hearty meals we can keep under wraps of the layers of clothing we are about to start piling on. Try some of our delicious recipes for the perfect Sunday lunch.

Pippa Mattei has just returned from a trip to Bergamo, renowned as much for its arts and architecture as it is for its food. Check out some of her new recipe ideas, inspired by this beautiful Italian town.

Start your day right with a selection of some of our most loved breakfast recipes. Whether you are looking for a simple piece of toast – with homemade bread of course – or a bowl of cereal – again homemade  - or some delightful smoothie bowls, we’ve got some recipes that are sure to get you through the day.

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