[READ] Gourmet Today August edition online

The August edition on Gourmet Today is now available to read online

The hot and sticky holidays are almost upon us and while we’re always looking for something tasty and delicious, the heat makes it difficult to even think about eating, let alone cooking. Does this mean we should throw in the (tea) towel and just give up? Far from it. What we need to do is adjust our food prep habits and make things that appeal to everyone despite the heat.

What this mostly means is serve it cold. Whether we’re talking about food or drinks, everything seems to go down better at the moment if the temperatures aren’t boiling! The Gourmet Today TV regular chefs have thought up a variety of recipes from salads to pastas, cakes and cocktails that are best served cold.

The kids love a good granita but why should they get all the fun. We’ve put together a list of our favourite adult slushies complete with a little bit of booze to get the party started. Social media is awash with frozé (frozen rosé) cocktails. We have a delicious one with lavender syrup and a whole bunch of other frozen treats the grown ups will love by the pool. 

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