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The December edition on Gourmet Today is now available to read online


Christmas lights, Christmas campaigns, Christmas carols – this can only mean one thing, Christmas is just around the corner! Presents, get-togethers, meals, drinks.

All of this can seem overwhelming, putting a damper on a season that is supposed to be happy. The secret to having a good time at Christmas is planning. Plan your gifts before you shop, plan the meals you plan to cook at home, decide which places you want to go to and book your tables well in advance.  If you’re still unsure about any of the above we have the perfect solution.

Still not sure what to cook on the big day? Pippa Mattei was inspired by a trip to Germany and makes a typical German festive meal with a roast goose and potato dumplings, spiced red cabbage, marzipan apples for dessert and stollen for tea.

The festive season is one where we all tend to let loose a little and indulge in one or two drinks more than usual. Whether you are hosting a party and looking for a festive cocktail recipe, choosing a bar for Christmas drinks or picking a gift of an alcoholic nature we’ve got you covered. Just remember to always drink responsibly and keep that number to the taxi service handy.

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