[READ] Gourmet Today February edition online

The February edition on Gourmet Today is now available to read online


Winter is a time for comfort food and as the temperatures dipped pretty low this winter and we’ve all been piling on the layers (of clothing), helping ourselves to seconds or going for that warm dessert is what has pulled us through the winter.

Sunday lunch over the winter is dominated by roast lunches spent with the family. Our homecooks gather around the table to create a wonderfully comforting meal of roast pork belly with Granny Smith apples and roasted Parmesan fennel bulbs. This coming after homemade potato and pumpkin gnocchi and followed by bread and butter pudding with whisky custard – definitely a meal worth gathering the family for.

And after a meal we could always do with dessert and in the coldest months what is better than that combination of hot pudding with cold ice cream? Erin Cauchi from Radisson Blu Resort in St Julian’s shares some of his recipes for comfortingly warm sweets.

Pancake day is just around the corner and Pippa Mattei has a great recipe whether you are looking for sweet or savoury. Make your own cannelloni with pancakes stuffed with all kinds of fillings from mince meat to chicken to salmon. 

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