Make every day pancake day with these pancake recipes

The idea of pancake day is to use up your eggs and milk before 40 days of fasting starts tomorrow. These recipes will help you make every day pancake day. 

Pancake day has arrived. But what is pancake day and why do we celebrate it?

Though it seems that this is just another food celebration we inherited from our American friends at the dawn of social media, pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday has its roots in Christianity. Shrove comes from the word shrive, meaning absolution from sins by doing penance. It is no wonder then that Shrove Tuesday comes just the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. The idea is to empty the fridge of eggs and milk, which, traditionally, were prohibited during the 40 days of fasting leading up to Easter.

So whether you’re planning on fasting for Lent or not, this is a great excuse to bring out the maple syrup, lemons, sugar, Nutella, jam or anything else you love on your pancakes and practice those tossing techniques.

Perfect pancakes

Sweet or savoury, this recipe by Pippa Mattei will have you tossing pancakes all year.

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Pancake cannelloni

Not all pancakes have to be sweet. Try Pippa Mattei’s savoury version by transforming them into cannelloni with any filling you fancy.

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Scotch pancakes

These are fluffier than regular pancakes and rather than serving them with syrup like you would regular pancakes, you would serve these like toast, spread with butter and jam. Keep them warm in a tea towel while you cook the entire batch and serve them straight away.

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French crepes

The French version of pancakes, these are delicate because of their lack of raising agent. Try Sean Gravina’s recipe with lots of different toppings.

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Belgian waffles

Though not technically pancakes, these are made with eggs, flour and milk and are eaten for breakfast or as a dessert. The difference lies in their higher sugar content – which leads to caramelisation – and higher fat content, giving them a crispy exterior. Get the Preca sisters’ recipe for prefect waffles with chocolate and strawberries.

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