[READ] Gourmet Today April edition online

The Easter edition on Gourmet Today is now available to read online

Whatever your preference of the seasons – summer or winter, few people can, hand on heart, claim that they dislike the spring (maybe if you suffer from hayfever but even then there is so much to like about spring). Warmer temperatures, longer daylight hours, and for us foodies the most important factor – the abundance of fresh veggies and berries. All these things serve as inspiration for us to get into the kitchen and try out new recipes.

Pippa Mattei is a huge fan of the Farmers’ Market and for this edition she came home with a huge basket of marrows. She shares with us some of her favourite recipes for this cheap and simple vegetable, from plain boiled qarabaghli, to fritters, deep fried courgette flowers and a delectable pasta sauce with Mediterranean prawns and marrows.

With spring comes the Easter celebration, where sugary treats and bright colours take over our kitchen. Although everyone loves a traditional figolla there are a great many sweets you can make at this time of year. Jimmy Aquilina of the Radisson Resort and Spa, Golden Sands shares some of his recipes and we also have a couple of recipes your kids would love to get involved with over the holidays.

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