[READ] Gourmet Today August edition online

The cold issue is now available to read online

This summer has been nothing but heatwave after heatwave after heatwave. Eating has become a chore. Cooking even more so. Though we are looking for cool foods, we still want the bold, flavour punch we get from our winter dishes and boring old salads just seem unsatisfying.

This August we have put together a cold issue, bringing together a bunch of recipes best served cold, with the exception of Nick Formosa’s barbecued chicken, because, let’s face it, summer isn’t really summer without a barbecue!

When we think of cold soups we usually think gazpacho, and though that’s a great recipe at this time of year, with tomatoes being at their best, there are plenty of other flavours that work just as well cold – think beetroot, cucumber, almond and sweet corn. We have a wonderful list that will keep your soup game up throughout the hot months.

August brings with it a little bit of a holiday for most people. And what better way to celebrate a holiday than with a cocktail. We have a collection of recipes from some of our favourite bar tenders across the island, that you can make yourself, at home. Alternatively, we have a list of hot spots for cocktails this year. We had a great time trying them out, we hope you will too!

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