Three recipes to spice up your pie game

While everyone loves a good apple pie, there are plenty of other fruits that make for great sweet pies.

After the long summer months, it's time to get your oven back on and start baking. When we think of sweet pies we usually look to our English relatives for recipes and stick to apple pie. While there is nothing wrong with a slice of hot apple pie (ideally served with a scoop of ice cream), there are plenty of other fruits that make for great pies.

The first, and arguably the most imporant part of pie is the pastry. Shortcrust pastry is really easy to make, so resorting to store-bought pastry really should never happen. The secret to the flakiest shortcrust pastry is to make sure everything is as cold as possible. Cut the butter into cubes and then put back in the fridge for 15 mins, make sure your water is icy and if your kitchen is hot, turn up the AC.

Flaky shortcurst pastry

Get the recipe for flaky shortcrust pastry here.

Apple and caramel pie

Add a little bit of caramel to your regular apple pie for and extra hit of sweetness and stickiness.

Get the recipe for apple and caramel pie here.

Cherry pie

Cherries in Malta are pretty expensive and the season is short. This pie is best made with fresh cherries, though it works well with the frozen variety available in supermarkets.

Get the recipe for sweet cherry pie here.

Pumpkin pie

With Halloween and American Thanksgiving just around the corner, there is no better time to make your own pumpkin pie. Though most recipes on the internet use tinned pumpkin, using the fresh vegetable is really easy and way better for your body.

Get the recipe for pumkin pie here.

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