[READ] Gourmet Today October edition online

The autumn edition of Gourmet Today is now available to read online.

After what felt like the hottest summer we've had in a long time, the weather has cooled down a little. The skies are that crisp autumn blue, and you feel like you can actually breath outside. This means our appetite comes back. Days are shorter, but that means we get home earlier and can spend more time in the kitchen.

As we leave the cold salads behind alone with our days on the beach, we reach for that comfort food that we've just been avoiding through the hot season. And what better comfort food than a steaming plate of pasta? Whether you're looking for some great recipes to make at home, or somewhere you can get typically Italian fresh pasta with a variety of classic sauces, we've got you covered.

Pippa Mattei also feels like she can spend a little more time in the kitchen at this time of year, and baking is on the cards at the Mattei household. She puts together an eclectic mix of classic English biscuits, like jammy dodgers and Scottish shortbread along with some local favourites like ottijiet and biscuttini tal-maghmudija. Tea time has just got an upgrade!

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