Three recipes to use up that leftover Halloween pumpkin

Pumpkin season is here. Try these three delicious recipes to get your family eating more of this golden vegetable.

If you have kids you have most likely been digging out pumpkins all weekend. Though we only need the shell for a scary Jack O’Lantern, all that beautiful orange flesh shouldn’t go to waste. Hold onto it and make some of these recipes to have your family eating pumpkin all week and hardly even noticing!

Roasted butternut squash with coriander seeds and bacon

This has to be the easiest pumpkin recipe out there. Simply add all the ingredients to a baking tray and bung them in the oven. Though the bacon fat gives the pumpkin lovely flavour, if you are avoiding meat simply leave it out. There is still plenty of flavour from the coriander seeds and the sage.

Use these roasted veggies to put on top of salads, to serve alongside a main meal of meat or fish or use as a base for a soup, such as the one that follows.

Get the recipe for roasted butternut squash with coriander seeds and bacon here.

Roasted butternut squash and bacon soup

Roasting veggies before you put them into the pot to make a soup adds depth of flavour. These veggies have been roasted with coriander seeds, bacon and sage for incredible flavour.

Get the recipe for roasted butternut squash and bacon soup here.

Pumpkin, fennel and Taleggio tart

Simple roasted veggies on top of some puff pastry makes for the most delicious starter or could be served as a main meal for a light lunch. The creamy melted cheese pairs perfectly with the warming roasted pumpkin cooked with nutmeg and cinnamon along with the roasted fennel with fennel seeds. This goes perfectly well with a glass (or three) of crisp white wine.

Get the recipe for pumpkin, fennel and Taleggio tart here.

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