Three comforting recipes with mushrooms

Mushrooms add a little comfort and warmth to any dish, making something simple a little more hearty, which is great for the colder weather. Check out these recipes that make the most of winter’s mushrooms.

Mushrooms are great in the winter time, adding a little extra comfort to any dish. They are great as an accompaniment to meat and are substantial enough to replace it.

Today it is easy to find a variety of mushrooms locally. Where we once were restricted to button mushrooms, today we there is a selection available including oyster, Portobello, shiitake and others.

While some recipes are better with a specific mushroom, these are great with a mixture of as many as you can find, but will also work if you just have plain button mushrooms.

Roasted herby mushrooms

This recipe is a great go-to dish to jazz up nearly anything. You can serve them on toast, topped with a fried egg as we have done here, in a tart or as a side. They go particularly well with a fillet steak.

Roasting the mushrooms rather than frying them will remove excess liquid making sure you are left with all the flavour and none of that soupy liquid that doesn’t work very well on toast!

Get the recipe for roasted herby mushrooms here.

Mushroom and Gruyere tart

This tart makes a delicious starter or even a light lunch served with a fresh green salad and some tomatoes. Mixed mushrooms give the tart a more sophisticated look but you can just as easily use any type of mushroom you have available.

Get the recipe for mushroom and Gruyere tart here.

Skinny beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is creamy and delicious. This recipe substitutes the cream for Greek yoghurt, and uses lean beef for a skinnier version of a comforting classic.

Get the recipe for skinny beef stroganoff here.

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