Three plant-based recipes to keep the vegans happy this Christmas

Veganism is on the rise with more and more people making the move to a plant-based diet. Most traditional Christmas recipes include at least animal products if not meat itself. These recipes are totally animal-product free.

Vegans lead a commendable lifestyle. The consumption of meat and animal products have been shown to be detrimental to health as well as damaging to the planet.

However at Christmas time, they become the most unpopular guests at the dinner table as it is really difficult to keep to traditional Christmas flavours whilst staying animal-product free.

With enough imagination it is possible to replace all those traditional items with plant-based meals that are just as delicious.

Stuffed butternut squash

The turkey is a pretty tough dish to replace at Christmas time. You need something that is going to be pretty enough to take the centre stage. This stuffed butternut squash does just that. The bright orange colours and stuffing of rice, cranberries and mushrooms is the perfect vegan main for Christmas lunch. This can be served with gravy (just keep it meat-free), roast potatoes and all the veggies. If you have both meat eaters and vegans at the table serve this alongside the turkey but make sure you have plenty to go around as the meat-eaters will be tucking into this too!

Get the recipe for stuffed butternut squash here.

Vegan mushroom, chestnut and cranberry tart

This tart makes for a perfect meal around the festive season if your guests don’t eat animal products. Don’t bother making something for the vegans and something else for the meat eaters. Everyone will love this easy tart served with a green salad or grilled veg.

Get the recipe for vegan mushroom, chestnut and cranberry tart here.

Vegan cinnamon and ginger cookies

Christmas goodies are laden with butter, cream and other ingredients off limits to vegans. These cookies contain all the flavours of Christmas whilst staying completely plant-based.

Get the recipe for vegan cinnamon and ginger cookies here.

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