Three indulgent breakfast recipes for New Year’s Day

Before you head out for New Year’s Eve tonight, spare a thought for what you’re going to have for breakfast. A little bit of planning can be the difference between boring old toast or a New Year’s Day breakfast to remember.

Whether you’re planning to dance the night away on New Year’s Eve, or head to bed early(ish), one thing is for sure, tomorrow morning you’re going to want a good breakfast.

Before all the New Year’s resolutions set in, when healthier eating and more exercise become part of every day life, take some time to enjoy one last indulgent breakfast. It will either help with the hangover or help you celebrate the New Year.

Eggs Benedict

Nothing says indulgent breakfast quite like poached eggs and smoked salmon smothered in hollandaise sauce. Though this may seem like a tricky breakfast to master, once you’ve done it well once, you’ll be whipping it up with your eyes closed. Serve with a Buck’s Fizz – champagne and orange juice – that will either serve as hair of the dog, or a celebratory toast.

Get the recipe for eggs Benedict here.

Panettone French toast

Most French toast is quite boring. Simply fry old bread in eggs and mascarpone. This recipe adds a little kick to the recipe, using panettone instead of bread and spicing the custard with cinnamon, nutmeg and orange zest. Top with more mascarpone and fresh berries and you’ve got the perfect New Year’s Day breakfast.

Get the recipe for Panettone French toast here.

Croissants with fried mushrooms, soft French cheese and cranberry sauce

This breakfast can literally be put together in minutes. The only catch is that you need to do a little prep beforehand and make sure you have all the ingredients at the ready.

Get the recipe for croissants with fried mushrooms, soft French cheese and cranberry sauce here.

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