Three recipes for a Mexican fiesta

Tired of the winter monotony already? Why not throw a little Mexican fiesta to add a little spice to your winter.

Now that January has set in and there is very little to do in the way of parties, why not have your friends over and have a little party of your own. The best food to have at a party is the type that encourages sharing. It gets everybody going and you end up sharing not just food but plenty of stories.

Mexican food is perfect for sharing – think nachos for starters and tacos for mains and you have the perfect fiesta. Add a margerita to the mix (or some Mexican beers) and you’ve set the mood for some January parties that will take the monotony out of the winter until the sun starts to shine.

Cheesy nachos with guac, tomato salsa and sour cream

These moreish nachos work perfectly as a starter for a Mexican themed dinner party. Make the condiments yourself for the ultimate Mexican fiesta. They also make pretty good snacks to serve with Mexican beers while watching a game.  

Get the recipe for cheesy nachos with guac, tomato salsa and sour cream here.

Chicken tacos

These chicken tacos are easy to prepare. You can get almost everything ready beforehand and just warm everything up when your friends arrive making this the perfect party recipe.

Get the recipe for chicken tacos here.

Mexican brownies

Brownies with ice cream are the perfect combination of hot and cold. This Mexican variety adds cinnamon and cayenne pepper for the ultimate twist on a classic.

Get the recipe for Mexican brownies here.

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