Three hearty soup recipes to get you through the winter

When the temperatures drop, soup seems to be the only answer to warm us from the inside. These recipes are hearty enough to constitute a meal in themselves. 

In the dead of winter Malta is lucky enough to experience high temperatures over 15C. The problem is when the sun goes down, and takes it’s warm rays with it, temperatures drop, not greatly by comparison to our European cousins. The difference between us however is whilst they go home and take off their coats, we need to zip ours up and we walk through the door.

Lack of insulation and proper heating means we are colder at home than we are outdoors. The best way to fight of the cold is to do it from the inside. Hot soups are key to feeling warmer, fighting the dreadful flu season and adding plenty of veggies to your diet and sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions.

While soup seems like a good idea to stick to your healthier lifestyle regime, it doesn’t work so well when you’re not satisfied. Choosing soup recipes that act as a balanced meal will help in choosing meals that keep you satisfied. These three recipes are warming and hearty and don’t need a second course to follow.

Beef and barley soup

Beef and barley soup must be the king of hearty soups. A deep rich broth with complex flavours together with chunks of beef and plenty of barley for carbs makes this a balanced and tasty soup that works well as a course on it’s own.

Get the recipe for beef and barley soup here.

Burnt aubergine and tomato soup

Soup always seems like such a good idea when you’re on a January diet, until you’ve eaten it and just aren’t satisfied. This burnt aubergine soup has added kusksu to make you feel more satisfied and is so full of flavour you won’t be craving anything afterwards.

Get the recipe for burnt aubergine and tomato soup here.

Chicken and tortellini soup

Whilst Malta is in the grips of a terrible flu season, we’re looking for anything to ease the symptoms or better still boost immunity. This simple chicken soup will make everything feel better and if you’re not sick, it’s so tasty you’ll help yourself to some anyway.

Get the recipe for chicken and tortellini soup here

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