Three recipes with seasonal artichokes

Where we can we try to eat local, seasonal produce, though that’s not to say we don’t appreciate a good passionfruit every now and again. Artichokes are making their way onto the veg trucks and this makes up infinitely happy.

When you’re living in England and feel like you can’t take another day of winter the crocuses start to come up through the frozen ground, giving you hope that winter is nearly over. In Malta, though our winters aren’t nearly as harsh, we have our own flower that signals the start of spring… the artichoke. Though this doesn’t lift your spirits because of it’s bright, beautiful colours, the thought of all the recipes you can make with this end of winter vegetable.

When artichokes are abundant, cook them up and either freeze the flesh, or keep them in the fridge if you plan to eat them in a few days. You can do a variety of things with them from simply eating on toast or adding to a pasta sauce, eating as a side dish with fish or adding to an omlette.

Artichoke and broad bean bruschetta

Bruschetta is the ultimate pre-dinner nibbles to serve with drinks. Instead of the regular tomato and basil version try this one with artichokes instead. This recipe can easily be used to create a snack, light supper or even breakfast. Add a poached egg if you want a little bit more!

Get the recipe for artichoke and broad bean bruschetta here.

Penne with artichoke and pancetta

Artichokes make a great accompaniment for pasta. What’s best is you hardly need anything else to go with it, just a little pancetta, garlic, lemon juice and cream. If you prepare the artichokes beforehand, this makes a perfect midweek dinner.

Get the recipe for penne with artichoke and pancetta here.

Artichoke and broad bean omelette

Eggs are an easy meal to put together when you’re lacking in time and/or motivation. If you’ve got some artichokes ready cooked you can whip this up in no time making a tasty and nutritious meal packed with protein.

Get the recipe for artichoke and broad bean omelette here.

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