New chef heats up the kitchen at Quadro Restaurant

Chef Piotr Czajkowicz has now returned to helm the Westin Dragonara hotel’s culinary team

Chef Piotr Czajkowicz
Chef Piotr Czajkowicz

With an impressive 10 years of experience under his belt across various countries in five-star cuisine, Chef Piotr Czajkowicz, has now returned to helm the hotel’s culinary team at Quadro, Palio’s and The Boathouse Lounge kitchens at The Westin Dragonara Resort in St. Julian’s.

Chef Piotr has enjoyed a prosperous career which took him to various countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom where he worked with Michelin Star Chefs in restaurants such as The French Table and Villino Restaurant – experiencing at first hand different cuisines.

This time, returning to The Westin Dragonara Resort, Chef Piotr Czajkowicz oversees and leads the day-to-day operations of 3 restaurants, including the Resort’s flagship: Quadro Restaurant.  Quadro’s menu has been totally re-designed, and is now offering a Mediterranean and Asian fusion of dishes.

Quadro restaurant
Quadro restaurant

“It is great to be back at The Westin Dragonara, surrounded by an amazing team that is among the best that I’ve worked with in my 10 years in the kitchen,” said Chef Piotr .

“My aim will be to explore innovative culinary. Our focus will be on offering menus that feature local produce using all natural and homemade ingredients as well as seasonal menu options.’’

Chef Piotr’s motto is: Understand your produce, and let it show you the way.

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