Tony's Foods

Tony's Foods was established in 2016, by 32-year-old Samantha and 35-year-old Anthony. Though both full-time physiotherapists, their dream is to own their own small food truck business. 

Anthony loves the taste of savoury delicacies, whereas Samantha is much more of a chocaholic. Due to Sam being a coeliac, Anthony tries his very best to make as many delicious gluten-free meals and recipes as humanly possible. Sam takes care of all the baking and sweet preparation, as well as the food photography.

The pair of them have a strong passion for travelling and make it their mission to travel to places that inspire their cooking methods and recipes.

With plans to have a food truck up and running in the near future, their jaw-droppingly tasty foods, with a local twist, can be shared with the entire island! 

Click here for some of Tony's Foods recipes, which you can try at home!

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