[READ] Gourmet Today April 2019 edition Online

With Easter just around the corner, the Spring issue of Gourmet comes just in time...

Gourmet Today April edition cover 2019
Gourmet Today April edition cover 2019

This issue is a true delight for the eyes and the stomach as we celebrate an abundance of flavours and bountiful ingredients. Flick through the pages and you'll see Daniel and Jessica from Marrow getting creative with seasonal produce such as strawberries and broad beans.

If you're looking for some Easter inspo as well as gluten-free ideas, Jacqui from Senza G has those for you with three of her most unique recipes... fun treats for the kids to make and share this Easter. 

Brunch has been increasing in popularity and with that comes people shifting away from dinner parties to mid morning get togethers. Hosting brunch anytime soon? Choose one, two, or even three of James' and Jimmy's recipes and you're sure to impress your guests. 

I can guarantee this issue offers a refreshing Spring blast of inspiration on every page. 

Cook with confidence. Eat out with confidence. Enjoy your food. 

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