Sautéed spinach with garlic, chilli and pine nuts
Carpaccio di calamari in a French dressing
Chocolate exotic fruit combo
Smoked salmon on Irish brown soda bread
Mushroom and sausage ‘burger’
Beet ‘n’ bean veggie burgers
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Vegan banana and coconut bread
Gourmet burger with perfect fries
Broccoli and Parmesan risotto
Sticky Thai chicken with mango salad
Fairy Platinum Challenge | Bebbux in garlic butter
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Rachel Zammit Cutajar
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Rachel Zammit Cutajar
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Rachel Zammit Cutajar
[WATCH] Olive bread
Rachel Zammit Cutajar
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Rachel Zammit Cutajar
Home-made Sangria
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Pippa Mattei's strawberry ice cream
Rachel Zammit Cutajar