Parents of diabetic children hope for extension of glucose monitors

Government pilot project makes huge difference in the management of children’s diabetes while at school

Parents of around 200 diabetes sufferers using continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have appealed to the authorities to extend the provision of these devices after a successful six-month pilot project.

The government supplied CGMs to children and adolescents under 16 years of age living with type 1 diabetes, allowing them a round-the-clock analysis and control of their diabetes.

“Not only has the outcome of these CGMs been successful with patients in Malta however there is also evidence from research carried out overseas on the enormous benefits of CGMs in the management of one’s diabetes,” Malta Diabetes Association president Chris Delicate said of the innovative monitors.

“They have proven to be a significant difference and impact on these persons’ health, life and wellbeing. The success of managing one’s diabetes is ensuring that blood glucose levels are constantly controlled.”

Besides improved diabetes control and blood glucose readings, the CGM helped children at school or following extra curriculum activities with blood glucose readings.

The six-month pilot project will come to an end in around eight weeks’ time, but Delicate noted that there is still no confirmation from the authorities whether they would continue providing the CGMs beyond the expiry of this pilot project.

“Parents are anxious to know what is going to happen as they are aware that CGMs have impacted their childrens’ lives so positively.

“The Association appeals to the authorities to provide clarity on the government’s intentions beyond the expiry of this pilot project and looks forward to receiving its urgent confirmation that the project would be extended permanently for the benefit of such persons, particularly after the success of the pilot project.”

The MDA also want CGMs to be provided to all persons living with type 1 diabetes, irrespective of age. 

“Persons living with diabetes in Malta should enjoy the same benefits as those in other EU countries. This includes the effective use of CGMs for all persons, as a long-term investment that would effectively result in better control and management of one’s diabetes.  Persons living with diabetes in Malta deserve this,” Delicata said.

Diabetes is a long-term chronic condition that cannot be underestimated or ignored. Besides the huge challenges to address the condition effectively there are also emotional and psychological challenges that come into play for such sufferers.