Consumer affairs authority issues warning on cosmetic products

The Depend GelLack system, comprised of four products, has been found to contain a compound with a high sensitisation/allergenic potential, which could cause a lifelong contact allergy

The Technical Regulations Division within the Malta Competition and Consumers Affairs Authority (MCCAA) has notified consumers that several cosmetic products have been notified on the RAPEX system since they pose a serious risk.

“Depend GelLack: a system comprised of four products: Depend GelLack Base, Depend GelLack Color, Depend GelLack Top and Depend Cleanser. Base, colour and top coat is to be applied in layers, each followed by curing in an LED lamp for 30 seconds. According to the packaging, these products should not come into contact with the skin.

"The product poses a chemical risk because it contains a high amount of acrylate monomer which has a high sensitisation/allergenic potential and can result in damage to nails and/or hands. Consequently, consumers may develop a lifelong contact allergy.

"The product does not comply with the Cosmetic Product Regulation and thus poses a serious risk to consumers. Hence the product is being withdrawn from the market and recalled from all consumers.”

Consumers are hence advised to refrain from using these products and to return them to the place of purchase. Economic operators are also requested to remove the products from the market. Economic operators who are found to still have these products on their shelves will be liable to enforcement action.

The Technical Regulations Division can be contacted on [email protected] or 23952000.        

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