Silent death: The Drydocks employees who died from asbestos exposure

Airing on TVM, a one-episode documentary on the deaths of Malta Drydocks workers who were exposed to asbestos

A TVM documentary will shed light on the environment in which many former Malta Drydocks employees worked, forcing upon them a prolonged exposure to asbestos.

‘Mewta Siekta’, a one-episode documentary produced by TVM journalist Liam Carter, airs Friday 25 September, featuring former drydock employees who vividly recount specific episodes when they were forced to work on ships containing Asbestos material, or risk being laid off.

This production includes expert opinion from leading respiratory consultant Prof. Stephen Montfort, who attributes a number of deaths of former Drydocks workers resulting from exposure to asbestos. Strikingly, Prof. Montfort explains that medical complications were not limited to the workers themselves but also their wives, who in some cases, developed complications such as Mesothelioma, simply because they would wash and clean the asbestos absorbed by their husbands’ boiler suit.

Mewta Siekta airs on Friday 25th September at 21:10 on TVM