[WATCH] ‘True blood’ sanitary pad ad goes viral as Bodyform ditches blue vials

The first sanitary pad TV ad to finally admit women don’t leak bright blue blood

Photo: AMV BBDO/Bodyform
Photo: AMV BBDO/Bodyform

In 2016, one advertising agency is getting real about periods.

A sanitary pad ad has gone viral, thanks to London agency AMV BBDO, in a campaign by UK’s feminine brands company Bodyform.

The campaign, dubbed Red.fit, is meant to encourage women to not let their period hold them from keeping fit, and to give them tips on working out during their period.


The advert’s tagline reads ‘No blood should hold us back’, insinuating that if blood from other causes such as injuries doesn’t hold one back, a period should also be treated the same.

Photo: AMV BBDO/Bodyform
Photo: AMV BBDO/Bodyform

Revolutionary, after decades of ads that featured vials of blue liquid traditionally used to represent menstrual blood.

And this time, happy skydivers make way for long-distance runners, athletes, swordswomen, ballet dancers and boxers. Blood is everywhere.

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