Gozo hoteliers report a stronger 2015 in business performance survey

Survey results reflect tourism achievements during 2015, Gozo Tourism Association says

A survey conducted by the Gozo Tourism Association among tourist establishments reflects the achievements reached during 2015, the GTA said.

“The majority, or 64% of these establishments covering the various touristic sectors, reported that their business performed better than 2014, while 28% declared that their 2015 performance was on the same levels of 2014. 8% stated that their performance deteriorated over 2014,” the GTA said.

The tourist operators also highlighted considerable improvements from the foreign tourist market, which forms the core business in Gozo. “68% of the respondents declared improved performance from the foreign market, while 21% stated a similar performance for 2015 and 2014, and 11% reported a decrease on 2014 from the foreign segment,” the GTA said.

The domestic market contributed to a 27% increase in their performance, respondents said. 58% said they saw no change, whilst 15% reported decreases over 2014.

“The majority expressed fair and good business profits during 2015 (43% and 42%); 6% reported very good profits while 8% reported bad profits,” the GTA said.

Stakeholders said operational costs, shortage of employees, road works and financial costs negatively impacted their performance.

“The majority of the Gozitan tourism establishments are equally divided in their outlook for 2016. 45% stated that they are anticipating an improvement while the other 45% believe that their establishments will performe on the same levels of 2015."

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