10 reasons Cyprus is the perfect holiday for us in Malta

From white sand beaches to Mount Olympus' ski lift, Cyprus is a direct flight away and makes for the perfect holiday for us in Malta

Cyprus and Malta have many similarities being islands in the Mediterranean with shared histories of British colonial influence. That’s the beautiful thing about Cyprus – it feels like home but with much appreciated differences. Sports hobbyists, foodies, beach lovers, partygoers and culture seekers alike will find their perfect holiday experience in Cyprus.

Skiing and swimming in one day

Talk about a big bucketlister. How many places in the world can you ski and swim in one day? Just an hours drive away from the coast, Mount Olympus gets up to two metres of snow which can be enjoyed from January until March.

Cyclist’s dream

Cyprus has endless routes for both mountain and road biking paired with that same sunny weather we enjoy in Malta and breathtaking coastal views.

Cypriot mezze

Seafood, meat lovers and vegetarians alike will be spoiled for choice in Cyprus. The Greek Cypriot cuisine truly suits any appetite and is a refreshing change from our options in Malta. Did we mention haloumi is the national cheese?

Parties in Ayia Napa

This lively resort town is famous for its breathtaking coastline and nonstop parties. For those of you who are keen on foam parties and all-nighters followed by long days on the beach, Ayia Napa is your spot.

Shopping haven

Nicosia and Limassol both have an amazing shopping and restaurant scene with opportunities for commercial shopping as well as picking up some beautiful locally produced goods. 

Knights of St John, not only in Malta

Malta isn't the only country the Knights of St John left their mark. Check out the Hospitaller's Kolossi Castle just west of Limassol.

Historical sites

Like Malta, history is hard to escape in Cyprus with archaelogical sites, historical ruins, ancient Greek amphitheatres, crusader castles, Byzantine churches and impressive museums. 

White sand beaches

We have the sea in Malta but sand can be hard to come by. Cyprus has extensive sandy beaches and watersports offered at the resorts.

Paphos 2017 European Capital of Culture

There's a reason why Paphos is the 2017 European Capital of Culture. As the famous birthplace of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, Paphos is a city born in history and culture. In fact, the entire city of Paphos is marked as a UNESCO world heritage site. Paphos is buzzing with culture from its historical ruins to its extensive programme of events planned for the year.

Direct Emirates flight

With the direct Emirates flight to Cyprus, we even have the luxury to explore Cyprus on a long weekend getaway. 

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