Joseph Muscat praises Konrad Mizzi for ‘positive delivery’ in energy sector

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat hails minister Konrad Mizzi for overseeing shift from 'prehistoric' to modern form of electricity production

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (left) with minister Konrad Mizzi (centre)
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (left) with minister Konrad Mizzi (centre)

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat took a dig at the Opposition’s latest parliamentary walk-out in protest against minister Konrad Mizzi, describing it as “childish”.

“The people will judge us, but one cannot deny that Mizzi’s delivery in the energy sector has been a positive one,” he said in his closing speech at the end of a debate on the 2017 Budget estimates for the Office of the Prime Minister. “One can choose to act like children, but at the end of the day the truth rings louder than any other type of noise distraction.”

He congratuled Mizzi “from the bottom of my heart” for overseeing the LNG power station project, which he said will see Malta shift from a “prehistoric” method of electricity production to one at par, if not ahead, of other European countries.

“A LNG strategy recenty adopted by the European Parliament had identified LNG as a clean form of energy,” he said. “LNG is the future of energy and we are living the future already.”

Muscat also defended his government from criticism at the draft masterplan for the regeneration of Paceville that has been released for public consultation.

“You can find 1,000 problems in the Paceville masterplan, and I have heard a lot of people grumbling that . The easiest thing we could have done would have been to do nothing, but this is a government of change.”

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