GWU and NGOs oppose MEA proposal for unpaid first day of sick leave

Workers’ representative says proposal will lead to abuse of workers

The General Workers Union has opposed a proposal by the Malta Employers Association, which proposes that the first day of sick leave should be unpaid.

The MEA suggested that this should be recognised as “a waiting day”, arguing that many workers abuse sick leave, usually linked to weekends.

However, the GWU argued that the proposal would only turn back time to a period when workers were abused and exploited.

It suggested that the employers’ association finds an alternative proposal if it’s concerned by workers abusing their entitlement to sick leave.

Moviment Graffiti strongly condemns MEA's proposal

Moviment Graffiti strongly condemns the proposal by the Malta Employers Association to introduce a 'waiting day' where the frist day of sick leave would be unpaid.

The proposal prioritises profit over the health and wellbeing of employees, says Moviment Graffiti. The excuse that such a measure exists in other countries is unreasonable because it omits the fact that the wages in Malta are significantly lower than those in mainland Europe. Such a proposal also shows the MEA’s indifference towards the speedily rising cost of living and the challenges faced by many ordinary Maltese families to make ends meet.

Moviment Graffiti is ready to seek alliances with workers' movements to protect these rights.

Moviment Graffitti also believes that the MEA’s concerns over legalized marijuana are unattested. Claiming the right to conduct random drug tests implies intrusion into the private life of employees which is totally unacceptable.


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