Bail revoked for woman who ordered Mercedes arson

It's back to police custody for the woman who ordered an arson on a Mercedes after a technicality did not allow her to get away with bail

Woman who ordered Mercedes arson back in police custody
Woman who ordered Mercedes arson back in police custody

Judith Bakoush, 29, had her bail revoked after she pleaded not guilty to commissioning an arson attack on a Mercedes.

The bail was revoked over a technicality after magistrate Rachel Montebello had said that the Attorney General hadn’t responded to the bail request in time.

However, the AG appealed the decision and said that the time for him to reply had not elapsed. Bakoush is now returned to police custody.

In a previous hearing, the court heard how Bakoush and Omar Joseph Trabelsi, 31, being accused of arson and causing extensive damage to a Mercedes and a car parked next to it.

Bakoush was tearful and agitated in court, attempting to interject several times as inspector Jeffrey Scicluna gave magistrate Montebello an overview of the investigation.

The fire, he had explained, had led to the evacuation of an apartment block, explaining that a fixed point guard had been placed overnight after the blaze was controlled.

There was no CCTV of the actual arson, but police had received an anonymous tip a day after the attack that a mother of three, had sent two Syrians to set fire to the car, later booking them a cab.

“Burnt it all” had allegedly been her orders.

Police had looked at all the cab company’s trips for that day and noted one which stopped at the end of Bakoush’s street, near her residence.

The police ordered copies of the recordings of the phonecall booking the taxi. The phone number used belonged to Bakoush and her voice was recognised on the call, although she had used a false name linked to Trabelsi whilst making the booking.

After the hearing, Bakoush was granted bail which was revoked on Thursday. Trabelsi was remanded in custody at the maximum security wing of Mount Carmel Hospital.

The court also heard how Bakoush has a colourful criminal history, having been previously charged with drug trafficking and theft.

Lawyers Marion Camilleri and Franco Debono appeared for Bakoush.