‘Dangerous person’ accused of breaking down girlfriend’s door remanded in custody

A man was remanded in custody after he was accused of grievously injuring his former partner in a domestic violence incident

A man described by parte civile lawyer as a “dangerous individual” was remanded in custody after he was accused of grievously injuring his former partner in a domestic violence incident. 

The court heard how on 1 March, police responded to a police report of violence in Paola. Arriving on-site, the police found the accused and three other persons having an argument on the street. 

The accused, 32 and from Nigeria, had wounds to his eye. Appearing before the court on Wednesday, the man was wearing sunglasses.

The accused, along with his former partner had to be hospitalised. The two other individuals who were involved in the argument suffered slight injuries. 

Parte civile lawyer Joe Reno Vella described the accused as a “dangerous person” before defence lawyer Raisa Colombo objected to the submission. 

“It’s too early to hear submissions. I need to get my things in order,” Colombo said, before presiding magistrate Gabriella Vella cut her short and said that there was nothing wrong with hearing submissions at this stage. 

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges of grievously injuring his former partner, voluntary damage to property, domestic violence and disturbing the public peace. 

“He has been living in Malta for more than six years and has a child with his former partner. We have a situation here where a case should not be dramatised because it is a domestic violence case. After all, three other people are being investigated as well,” Colombo said. 

The victims, she argued, do not live in Birzebbugia, where the accused was a resident.   

“In such cases, bail is usually granted,” the defence lawyer continued.

The prosecuting officer, Hubert Cini, objected and said that the accused had breached three bail conditions beforehand.

“The accused has been going through separation proceedings and some arguments are predictable,” the defence said. 

Parte civile lawyer Joe Reno Vella said that the accused was a dangerous individual who would resort to violence given the right circumstances.

Bail was not granted as the court deemed that it was too early, given that victims still needed to testify.