80 drivers fined for over speeding on Sunday

One driver was clocked at 143 kph 

Credit: CMRU
Credit: CMRU

80 drivers were fined by police for over speeding on Sunday.

In an operation which looks to curb the use of excessive speed in arterial roads, police were stationed at a number of roads. 

In a four-hour period, police surveyed Louis Wettinger Street (Mellieha Bypass) and two separate locations at the Coast Road. 

At the Mellieha Bypass, 33 fines were issued, with the roads speed limit set at 60 kph. 

The quickest speeding car caught by the police clocked 132 kph, with the vehicle being a Subaru. 

At the same location, police fined two drivers for reaching speeds of 103 and 94 kph. 

In the vicinity of the Ghallis Tower at the coast road, police issued 15 fines for excessive speeding, with two motorcycles amongst others caught reaching speeds of 94 kph in a 70 kph zone. 

At another location in which police were stationed on the coast road, 32 fines were issued. 

A Toyota Glanza was clocked at 143 kph in 70 kph zone. Two other vehicles were caught at speeds of 137 kph and 123 kph.  

Inspector Nicholas Vella from the Traffic Division said regular operations are helping in controlling abusing. 

“Our aim is to curb driving abuse, while ensuring everyone obeys traffic regulation,” he said. 

Fines for tinted glass, not wearing a seatbelt among other contraventions were also issued.