Police fine 71 people for group gatherings on Sunday

Police issued 71 fines to people who gathered in groups of more than four on Sunday

Police fined 71 people who were gathered in groups of more than four in public places during patrols on Sunday.

Regulations against gatherings of more than four came into force over a month ago. Persons in gatherings of more than four are fined €100 each.

On Sunday Prime Minister Robert Abela said that restaurants and hairdressers would be reopening by the end of next week. The PM hinted that the further relaxation of measures will be announced in the coming days.

However, Abela warned that establishments will be reopening under a new normal, which is still far off from how the situation was in February before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Police also said two persons were found breaching obligatory quarantine during the 451 inspections carried out by Environmental Health Officers and police in the last 24 hours.

People who have tested positive for COVID-19 and break mandatory quarantine are subject to a €10,000, with a €3,000 fine for people who are ordered to stay in quarantine because they were in contact with infected persons.

“The appeal remains for one and all to be responsible and co-operate with the directives issued by the authorities,” the police said.