Burglar who broke into Valletta house is jailed 18 months

Man arrested in Valletta after fleeing the police whilst carrying burglary tools is jailed for 18 months

Ivan Galea was accused of burglary
Ivan Galea was accused of burglary

A court has jailed a would-be burglar who broke into a house in Valletta on Sunday evening.

Ivan Galea, 45, from Valletta was arraigned yesterday before magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras, accused of attempted theft aggravated by means, trespassing and recidivism.

Inspector Jeffrey Scicluna told the court that the man had been spotted in the premises which he had been accused of robbing, whilst carrying burglary tools. Police later issued a statement detailing how the man had fled upon seeing the police on the scene, but was caught in Old Mint street a short while later.

Galea pleaded guilty to the charges.

The court, in view of his guilty plea, condemned the man to 18 months imprisonment.

Lawyer Charmaine Cherrett was defence counsel.

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