Polonium plot: Jomic Calleja accused of forging father's signature

Police add forgery charges to Jomic Calleja’s list of offences, after court hears how he faked his father's signature on a rental agreement

Jomic Calleja has a lengthy history of criminal offences
Jomic Calleja has a lengthy history of criminal offences

Police have added forgery charges to the list of offences allegedly committed by Jomic Calleja Maatouk. 

Calleja Maatouk, who the court previously heard had attempted to import C4 explosives and radioactive polonium was today additionally charged with forging his father’s signature on a rental contract for a Qormi showroom.

Inspector Omar Zammit presented magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech with the updated charges as the compilation of evidence against the man continued today. In the last sitting, the court had heard a calligraphy expert testify that the signature alleged to be that of the accused’s father, had in fact been forged by the accused.

Today the court heard landlord Dominic Bonnici testify that Jomic had taken the contract home with him in order to get his father to sign it. Another witness, Raymond Muscat, told the court that Calleja Maatouk had told them that his father would sign the document.

Superintendent George Cremona and Inspector Omar Zammit are prosecuting.

Lawyer Benjamin Valenzia is defence counsel.

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