No bail for mum accused of robbing elderly people together with son, 12

Shirley Al Omar of Mosta would rob her elderly victims whilst pretending to beg for alms

Al Omar targeted elderly people
Al Omar targeted elderly people

A woman has been charged with carrying out a number of thefts targeting elderly residents of Mosta and St. Paul’s Bay, accompanied by her 12 year-old son.

44 year-old Shirley Al Omar of Mosta was charged with five counts of theft and recidivism, as well as with breaching a conditional discharge and recidivism, by Inspectors Lydon Zammit and Paula Ciantar following what were termed “intensive investigations” by the Violent Crime Unit. Al Omar was also accused of failing to take proper care of her son.

The string of thefts began in April and continued until 13 July. Al Omar’s victims were mostly elderly and she had been accompanied by her 12 year-old son, the police said.

Police had investigated several reports of theft from elderly persons with the same modus operandi: a woman, accompanied by a boy would knock on the front doors of elderly persons and beg for money. As soon as the pair left, the victims would realise that they had items missing from their home. The description of the pair was also consistent.

The investigations led to the arrest of Al Omar, who was arraigned before magistrate Josette Demicoli this morning.

Al Omar pleaded not guilty to the charges. Bail was not granted.